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How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website for Free

Yes - it's possible. If you ever wonder how to build an affiliate marketing website for free, you will find out below how I did it and its works. One of the most significant additions to my income streams is affiliate marketing, and it's so easy to do and very rewarding if you do it right.

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If you don't have any passive income coming now or are looking to explore some additional options - well done. You are on track to financial freedom.

Affiliate Marketing

If someone asks me to explain what is affiliate marketing, this is the way I see it. You advertise the product or service of another person or company and get a commission if purchased via your recommendation.


Person A has a product X for sale, and it cost $1000.

You have a deal with person to advertise this product for sale, and if it sells via your recommendation, you get 20% or $200.

You don't own a product, and you can still make perfect money by advertising other people's products.

There are millions of products to advertise, believe me; there is no shortage of companies who are willing to pay good money to you for advertising.

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Sounds easy? Let me show you how to get started.

Build a foundation for a long run

If you are thinking of replacing your current 9-5 and making a full-time income online with affiliate marketing, which is doable, millions of people are doing this. I recommend learning all the aspects of this business from someone already doing it.

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."

It will be quicker and more rewarding and less stressful and frustrating.

To find a course online shouldn't be a problem, but the majority is very costly, and I understand why. If you learn the techniques - you can become financially free very quickly; no wonder people are charging good money for this knowledge.

Also, sometimes you need to pay money to get money, but I am not going to discuss it now.

After trying different sources, my favourite and the most useful for millions of other users is Wealthy Affiliates. They provide free training on how to start affiliate marketing, and they helped me start from 0 knowledge to making money with affiliate marketing.

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You will get full-on training on how to build a website, you will get a domain, and they will host it for you. I am very impressed with the hosting service wealthy affiliate provide; the whole site is built perfectly, with one goal. Make money online and from anywhere in the world, and you don't need anything else but a laptop and internet connection.

Tons of training and a community with very experienced marketers are very helpful and will make you achieve your goals if you are willing to spend some time learning.

There are thousands of templates for the website and will help you choose a niche and make your website target specific people. They have plenty of options to promote different products, but I don't want to go through the details in this article about this.

Check out yourself here and see what value they can bring to you.

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If you have never heard about Jaaxy before, don't worry; I didn't haven't had a clue what this was until I started training.

Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers developed. With the Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords that you will then be able to use to drive your SEO and PPC campaign to new highs.

Jaaxy is included in Wealthy Affiliate, but you can try it and see how awesome it is.

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Once you master the basics of affiliate marketing and know what to do to make passive income, there is another way to advertise your products or services via a website. It's relatively new on the market, but I can see it will be huge as it is free and most of the competition online charge a lot of money for this service.


If you are receiving random emails with some offers, chances are you visited some website and gave them your email address to receive something. It can be a subscription to a newsletter, free webinar, an e-book or other ways, and a website managed to get hold of your email address.

I was so happy once I discovered this service. And I jumped on it straight away.

Please look at the features this platform provides, and it is free. I am not joking; services charge a lot of money for that kind of service.

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To make it clear, I signed up for free and using free service; at some point, I might upgrade, but I don't need it at the moment.

I can build three websites with funnels for free, and it's incredible.

I am still new to this platform and still trying all its features, but this video; explains all its features.

How awesome is that? Try it yourself here.

When will you be ready?

Affiliate marketing can be your ticket to financial freedom; many people do it every day. The beauty of it is that once you build a system and have traffic, it's easy, and you can enjoy a life you always wanted.

I tried many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing, but all I needed was to ask the people who are doing it already and are thriving. If you are serious about making a life-changing decision and trying to learn the basics, you will be surprised and wonder why you haven't done it sooner.

Wealthy affiliate have everything you need to start.

There are many ways to make money online, and it will be plenty of opportunities in the future also, but why wait? Do you know how much time do you have left?

Stop making excuses and start building your future now. Nobody is going to do it for you.

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Thank you, If you have any questions about anything above, please reach out in the comments. Also, you can check out how I started a blog here.

Good luck on your journey to financial freedom. You can do it!

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