Best Way To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

Best Way To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

There are many ways to make money online, and it's more accessible than ever. As of April  2022, there were more than five billion internet users worldwide, which will continue to grow. Technology is part of our life and has changed how we shop and do business.

Best Way To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

Some people might make a lot of money doing other stuff, and I have no problem with it. I am glad people find a way to support their lifestyle by working online. I don't want to recommend anything which isn't legit, or people need to invest a lot of money to start seeing some returns.

I have been part of Amazon Associates, one of the most accessible and legit ways to make money online. It's straightforward to apply and start straight away. More to it; it's free.

Why Do We Want To Make Money Online?

We all know what happened with the global pandemic a few years back; millions of businesses were forced to shut down, and people who worked there lost their jobs and ability to pay bills and provide for their families.

If you are looking for some side income or full-time income, which can lead you to replace your 9-5, it's time to learn new skills and make it happen.

You can learn excellent skills and start living on your terms with internet access. Who doesn't want to be in control of their life?


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Best Way To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

How does affiliate marketing work?

Without going into details, you direct customers to sellers via links, which is probably the easiest way to explain.

Let's assume someone wants to buy a microwave; they go to google and search for "Best microwaves to buy now". And there will be many websites with options to choose the one they want.

They go to the website and click on the image, which will transfer them to the seller's website, and in our case, it's Amazon. If the buyer completes the purchase, the person running the website (Affiliate associate member) will receive a commission from this sale.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms in the world, and it helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Sign Up

Join tens of thousands of creators, publishers and bloggers earning with the Amazon Associates Program.

Step 2 - Recommend

Share millions of products with your audience. It has customized linking tools for large publishers, individual bloggers and social media influencers.

Step 3 - Earn 

Earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs.

And that's how you can join Amazon Associates and start making money online.


I hope this makes sense and you get the idea. This is one of many other ways to make money with Amazon Associates. Check out this Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks

When did I start to understand the idea behind it and the simplicity of this business model? The only thought that went through my mind was - Why am I not doing it right now?

I would be better now if I had started earlier, but that's another topic.

The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago, and the second best time to plant a tree is today. - Eliud Kipchoge.

There is no need for regrets; to avoid them in the future, we must decide what we are doing now.

What choices will we make to ensure our future is the way we want?

If you want to start with affiliate marketing and don't know where to start, check out Wealthy Affiliates. The platform offers a free starter pack which includes training, hosting, a website and many other great tools to get you started.


Thank you for reading Best Way To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate; I hope you get a few tips and ideas.

We all need guidance and support at some point in life; sometimes, having a mentor or group of like-minded people is recommended to help you reach your goals.

If you need some support or have questions, feel free to reach out, and I will be happy to help with my abilities.

My passion is to help people become better versions of themselves, including personal development.

Our mindset is critical, and to ensure we achieve everything we want in our life, we need to ensure our attitude is set for success.

Building an online business is easy if you know what you want and have a clear WHY. Do you need to understand WHY you want it to be successful? Once you know what you want and why you want it. It's time to take ACTION.

Have a great day!


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