What is Mindset Change?

What is Mindset Change? Is It Time for Action?

Change your mindset, and you will change your future. I am sure you heard this saying before. There is plenty of proven evidence of people changing their life and future by changing their mindsets. But what is a mindset change?

It is changing your priorities, realisation and value of time, goal setting, habit changing and much other good stuff we need to implement to live an extraordinary, happy life.

What is Mindset?

It is your view on life, what is essential and what is not. How you treat time, how you treat others, and how you see yourself and others.

Your attitude and your daily habits - are a reflection of your mindset.

What is Mindset Change?

Our life is changing all the time during our lifespan. And it is going together with our experience.

Nobody is born to be perfect, and we all make mistakes. We will never gain experience without making mistakes; there is nothing wrong with it.

You cannot steer a stationary ship; the same goes for people. You cannot change if you are not moving.

Growth is outside our comfort zone. We need to experience something new, something we never tried before; sometimes, it is a scary thing we don't want to face.

Several things can contribute to changing the mindset. In my opinion, the most accessible and influential is the realisation that we will die one day, and our days on this beautiful planet are numbered. And the scariest thing about it is we don't know how many days we have left.

I apologise if that sounded negative; it is true.

So, What is a mindset change? It's a shift from one way of living to another. And usually, it is a positive one, and people rarely change from positive to negative.

Fixed vs Growth mindset

What is a mindset change

Two of the most common mindset known are Growth and Fixed, and I have never heard of any successful person with a fixed mindset.

That sentence probably gave away that a Growth mindset is a way forward.

It is not that difficult to develop a growth mindset, but it requires the person to have a reason. A big WHY. Why do they want to change their life?

It usually starts with the end in mind. Where do you see yourself 5 / 10 / 20 years from now? You should be able to visualise your goals, and you should be able to see yourself as a different person.

Vision boards can be helpful. Look at the article about vision boards and how to get started.

Creating Vision Board Online

Once you have an end goal, you need to break it down into smaller goals ( related to your end goal ). Once you have your milestones set - you need a plan for what you will do to achieve your goals.

Sounds simple? But there is one most crucial ingredient missing. DISCIPLINE.

Discipline and Mindset

We all want to achieve something in our lives; we all dream of having lots of money or travelling the world. We want to drive nice cars and live in beautiful houses.

If I give guess, 99.9% of people have some goals and dreams. Maybe they do not have clear goals but want something better for themselves.

I talked about goals and plans above, but the chances of us achieving anything we dream of being close to zero without action.

There is 2 type of people with goals:

  1. Wake up, think of the plan and go back to sleep.
  2. Wake up, think of the project and start the action. Start chasing the dreams.

Now, who will be more successful and achieve their goals more quicker?

But again, it sounds simple, but why are so many people unable to achieve their goals?

Lack of discipline.

How do you develop discipline?

Well, that's simple, also.

OMG, you are probably thinking, how come everything is so simple, but not many people can achieve anything meaningful?

Well, that's down to mindset. It would help if you had a growth mindset to achieve anything you dreamed of. And, yes, you can achieve anything you want.

Developing discipline starts with developing habits, ideally good habits.

Now, if you are struggling with discipline, start small. Start by making a bed. Every day. As soon as you wake up. No messing around on the phone or snoozing your alarm.

Believe me or not, if you can do this simple task for some time every day, you will see considerable changes in your life.

Do not believe me? Well, try it. Or is that an excuse you are telling yourself again?

We are good at talking ourselves out of something; that's why discipline is the key to success. We need to do something whether we like it or not. If we say we will do it, we need to do it. No Excuses.

That's how discipline develops. Through work, we put and sacrifices we make for the long-term benefits.

It is not as complicated as we think.

But we are getting distracted easily, especially now, with all our available information. It should be easier to achieve anything we want, but it is hard and is due to a lack of discipline and focus.

What is Mindset Change?

Well, it's the beginning of a new YOU, new life. Full of adventures and excitement. A life where YOU embrace your failures and look forward to trying new things. A life where you do not feel afraid. A life where nothing can stop you on the road to your dreams.

Life with a purpose.

Life with understanding - our time is our most valuable asset, and we control our actions.

We choose to change; we decide to become better, and we choose to be happy.


Let it be this if you take just one thing from this article. You are a creator of your life! Time is limited, and distractions are everywhere. But you can control your mindset and choose to achieve anything you want.

What is Mindset Change? It is a starting line you cannot afford to miss.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you found this article helpful; if you have any questions about it, please leave a comment below or feel free to reach out to me on contact us! Page.

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Have a great day.

8 thoughts on “What is Mindset Change? Is It Time for Action?”

  1. Having a positive mindset sets one up for success, rather than failure, and the good things is that it is possible to change ones mindset. I love the comparison between Growth mindset and Fixed mindset, as it so accurately depicts that the growth mindset is the one that one wants. 

    Having goals and breaking them down into achievable chunks, is a good start. It helps you to focus and be disciplined. Thank you for sharing these wise ideas on changing ones mindset. 

  2. This article on changing the mindset is really great. Connecting the mindset with our attitude and habits is a unique perspective. Mindset can be considered the essence of self improvement. I agree that the acceptance of death is a realization that we cannot run from; therefore, understanding how it relates to our lives is a positive reflection. in order for us to move forward, we must definitely take action. What are some of the issues with developing our mindset?

    1. I 100% agree; we must take action, or we will never achieve what we want. I don’t think there are issues with developing our mindset, but there will be positive outcomes if we are decided to take action and change our perspective. If we wait and think someone will come and give us everything we want in our lives, the truth is: that we might run out of time while waiting. Why not take action, start chasing our dreams and enjoy life.  

      Thanks for it, Canty.

  3. This is an interesting article on Mindset change, and you´ve touched on some awesome points.

    A fixed mindset looks dangerous, stagnant, and scary. The good news is that you can change your mindset to a growth mindset.

    Of course, as with anything, you need the discipline to change your mindset and a reason why to cause you to want to make this change in the first place.

  4. This article is a great reminder on how important a positive mindset is.  I love your chart on the growth vs. fixed mindset.  For quite some time in my life, I know I gave up way too early.  I think about where I would be today if I kept going. You are so right- Having a WHY is important to setting goals-.  Once I established my why is when I started to have the discipline to work on my goals every day.  Great advice- thank you!

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