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Focus on Your Dream | Winning Mindset

Time is the most valuable asset in our Life, we should spend it wisely, but sometimes we are unsure what to do with it. Having a sense of purpose is one of the significant factors in people's happiness. What are Dreams, and how to focus on your Dream?

Focus on Your Dream

The easiest way to visualize your dreams is to create a vision board. If you know what you want, believe me, if you do, you are one step closer to achieving it. Unfortunately, many people do not understand what they wish to do and are wasting their lives on things that do not make them happy.

Creating a vision board will help you visualize what you want and will make you work towards achieving it.

Creating Vision Board Online

Dream Big

When Budha asked - What is the biggest mistake people make in Life, Budha replied. The biggest mistake people make in Life is to think they have time.

The first time I heard this quote, my Life changed once I realized its power.

We do not know how much time we have and do not know what will be tomorrow, but we can choose our thoughts in our present moment.

Dream Big. Have Big goals, try to be realistic, have a plan and take ACTION.

Why is it Important to Have a Dream in Life?

Without Dreams and Goals, we are almost sure we will not achieve what we want, and regret will visit us at some point in Life.

There is only so much time we have, and one thing is for sure, one day, it's all stop. The question is, how much time do we have? Day, Week, Month, Year, 10-20-50 Years? Nobody knows.

Why is it important to have a dream in Life?

Have something to look forward to, have a reason to wake up and not waste time on meaningless activities.

It's easier said than done; I know from my own experience how easy to procrastinate and postpone taking action and working towards your Dreams.

Goals Setting - Simple Technique

Why Should We Focus on our Dreams?

The world we live in right now is full of distractions and, on the other hand, opportunities.

The Internet is one of the best creations ( in my opinion ) of our time. It's giving everyone the power to speed everything up. We can connect with people in seconds and instantly get information on what's happening in any part of the world. We can get information on anything we want if we know where to search for it.

On the other hand: we are wasting a lot of time watching meaningless stuff online and can waste hours without even realizing it.

If we want to achieve or get closer to our dreams, we must always focus on them.

I am not saying watching a movie once a week is wrong, and it's a meaningless activity. It's a great way to switch off; sometimes, it's good for our brain. But I watch soap dramas 12 hours a day, every day. Are 100% road to regrets in the future.

Have a clear goal related to your long-term Dream, and focus on activities which get you closer.

Stay Focused.


How do I Stay Motivated in my Dreams?

Great question.

We cannot always be motivated; some days, we will be hyped up and buzzing, and some days we will think we are not making any progress and have an urge to give up. I can promise you this, Some days you won't be motivated enough.

But, How do I stay motivated in my Dreams?

The simple answer is to create Discipline.

But the truth is, it's not as simple as its sounds.

I am a true believer that Discipline is key to success. And if we look at all successful people in our world, they all have habits and routines, which they follow, without excuses. Do they motivate every day? Of course not, but they know it needs to be done and get up and do it.

We cannot be motivated all the time but having goals written down, having a vision board, have a plan for a day/week/month helps.


Is Pursuing Your Dream Worth it?

What is someone telling you? You do this one task every day and are guaranteed success and completion of your goal 100%. Would you do it? Would you stick to it?

I think we give up or do not chase our dreams because we do not honestly believe we can ever achieve them. Or we are sitting and waiting for someone to hand a plate to us while we are wasting our time.

There are lack of confidence and staying in the comfort zone. It's easy to sit and do nothing, but chances are we will not get anything in Life if we do not go after them.

Just remember. One day it will be over. And that's for sure, 100% guaranteed.

The question is - Are we taking a chance and trying to achieve what we want, or do we wait and watch everyone around us living a great life full of actions, fun and enjoyment?

Even if there are 1 in a million chances of success, why do we take it? Why don't we go after what we want?

I don't want to have regrets and look back on my life thinking. Why haven't I done that?

Life will not wait

Focus on Your Dreams and Goals

Life will become easier if we have a purpose; we are happier if we achieve something we said we would do.

A daily plan is possibly one of the best tools for success.

Wake up with a reason, have a clear goal based on your dreams, and take action.

Before going to bed, look at your plan and evaluate your day. Have you completed everything you say you are going to do?

Your self-confidence will grow daily, your self-esteem will grow, and you will become happier.

Life is short. Enjoy every moment. Could you make the most out of it? Believe in yourself.

You Can Do It!!!


I would rather regret what I've done than what I haven't done. Lucille Ball

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Focus on Your Dream | Winning Mindset”

  1. I like your idea on having a vision board. It’s difficult to incorporate new routines into our lives, until we have done them enough they become a routine of their own. As you mention, discipline is crucial in those first weeks and months. As well as having realistic goals in the beginning so as not to get discouraged by how far our dream may seem to be. 

    A vision board offers a great way to create small achievable victories to help keep us in a great mindset, where we can experience small victories on our way to the goal. 

    The large motivator that you end with is one I think is one that has plagued so many. As our lives begin to wind down, regrets over what could have been can make us sad. Time is a precious commodity that we only have so much of. 

    The best time to do anything is right now, procrastination leads to regret and unrealized dreams. Now is the time to act. Using your vision board can be a helpful tool, one that can be used in many different ways. 

    1. Thanks, Jason. Building routines and habits can be challenging, but we can achieve great things once we develop discipline. Having a clear vision/goals can help us plan; discipline is sticking with a plan. Action without excuses will allow us to achieve anything we want.

      Thank you for your comment. Appreciate it. 

      Have a great day.

  2. Hey Vlad, excellent article. I loved reading it. Thank you.

    It is just what I needed to hear right now. Fantastic advice. I’ve known this most of my life and periodically was successful in achieving my goals/dreams. 

    Lately, I’ve been slacking off, taking the easy road. What I needed was a kick in the pants, which you have provided.

    Many others I am sure will get a lot out of it as well. I will be sharing it with friends and family.

    I look forward to other similar posts in the future.

    1. Thank you, Willliam.

      We all go through periods in life when we forget what time is ticking and waste it on something that is not making us happy. I procrastinated a lot in the past and waited for some miracles without doing any work to chase my dreams.

      Thanks for your comment. It’s giving me the motivation to keep going.

      Have a great day.

  3. Joseph Stasaitis

    Focusing on our dreams is critical for our success. A Dream Board most definitely accelerates our growth. I have used dream/vision boards over the years successfully. Thanks for the encouragement and practical advice about identifying and pursuing one’s dreams. You have presented a very good strategy to get started in the direction of our goals, dreams, and objectives. Thank you, Vlad.

  4. Thanks for such  wonderful article on having a dream. Being able to hand a dream is essential for one’s success in life that is for sure. And one way to achieve that is to have a dream board. I have a dream board that is for sure and it’s saved on my phone and I look at it every single day. As it can give me an idea of what exactly what I want in my life that is for sure. In reality I will do whatever I can to get there. And you surely said great ideas to get there and I can’t wait to use those ideas so thanks again. 

  5. Pickwick Publishing

    What a clear, concise article. For years, I worked in a job that I hated and couldn’t see a way out of it. I then read a book about goal setting, and my life changed. Not because I simply read the book, but because I put my mind to setting goals and believing I could achieve them. It’s a daily discipline that pays off.

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