future me

Future me – Year 2082

Interview with future me   The year 2082 Century soul What a year it’s been, and what a wonderful person we have here as a guest. A tradition of this show is once a year; we invite people who are lucky to have an opportunity to live to a 100. And not just live a …

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Creating Vision Board Online

Creating Vision Board Online

Creating a vision board online is simple and valuable, and it is much easier now with all accessible online technologies. According to a survey in February 2021, nearly half of responders spent 5 to 6 hours a day on their phones, not including work-related activities. My favourite tool to use for creating a vision board …

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How to Focus on a Solution

How to Focus on a Solution?

You probably heard the saying – “Do not bring me a problem, bring me a solution.” But how do you focus on the solution? I will give you an overview of that does this even mean. There are many ways to shift your focus on solutions, but unfortunately, most people focus on the problems instead. …

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