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How to Make Money Writing Online

Excellent question. If you ever wondered and asked yourself - how to make money writing online? I will try to cover some basics on where you can start. Different ways exist at the moment and possible scenarios.

How to make money writing online

Why bother?

There are millions of people writing stuff online. Suppose you think of news articles or different types of blogs on any subject. Someone in the background wrote the content, and it got published via some publishing tool. I will not spend too much time going into the details of how it works. It's for computer science people to explain everything going on on the back of the websites.

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Can I do it?

If you are asking yourself if you can do it or not, it is self-doubt talking. It's normal, and you need to find a way to convince yourself that you can do anything you want in your life; you need to work for it. Have a goal and, step by step, follow the path towards it.

How can this help me answer how to make money writing online? Everything starts with you, and if you set yourself a goal to make money - you will make money. Consistency and discipline can do magic.

Ok, that's my motivational part finish. Now back to the topic.

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Is it Worth it?

Absolutely. You can make a living from writing online, for sure, and it's a fact. The question is where to start and how.

There are few options for making money writing online, but I will discuss what you can do independently without applying for a job as a writer for some company. Sure, you can do it if you want, but that is something on a different level.

How can you make money writing online, and is it not as difficult as you might think?

That is the only thing I can tell you for sure. It's 100% real and 100% possible to make a living from it or just a passive income, depending on the level of quality and quantity of your content.

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Affiliate Marketing

The most common way for people to write online is through affiliate marketing. Look at Wealthy Affiliates for more detailed information if you are unsure about it. But I will try to explain it.


Company "X" have a product to sell for $1000

You signed up as an affiliate and promoted this product on your website.

Company "X" is happy to pay you 20% for every product sold via your recommendation.

20% of $1000 = $200 for every sale goes to you.

Great, isn't it.

And there are millions of products you can advertise. There is no shortage of products, but sometimes it's hard for people to start as they don't know the basics.

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Choose a Niche

The question, how to choose a niche has been asked by almost everyone who started writing online. And it's the correct way, in my opinion. It would be best if you had a long term target and knew what you would write about. There are millions of niches to choose from, and you don't need to worry too much about it. I would recommend looking at this video; it explains how to choose a niche in a very professional and constructive way. How to Choose a Niche video.


Your audience is your potential customers. You need to provide valuable content for them to come over to your site, and it should be unique if you want it to grow. Provide good quality content and not worry too much if your audience and traffic aren't growing. It's normal, and that's when lots of people quit. Be consistent and focus on quality and quantity.


It takes time for your site to become well known and come up in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, for example. Remember, there are millions of sites out there, and they have a reputation also. They don't want to recommend something to their users if it is not good quality.

Search engines are a massive part of any online business, and it's in your interest to make a good relationship with them. If you provide good quality, consistent content, they will show it to your potential customers.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

To make your site more recognizable by search engines, tools like SEO are making a massive role. There are many ways to make your site rank higher than your competitors. Many companies employ SEO specialists, and their job is to make sure the company website is at the top of search engines.

One of the ways to increase your ranking in search engines is via keyword targeting. In short - you find words people are searching for and make a post using this keyword, so when people search it in Google, Yahoo or Bing, for example, your post is shown to them as recommended.

A great tool to use is Jaaxy; you can find what people are searching for, how many pages are with the same keyword, how much traffic you will get if your page is ranked high. And many other features.

You can try it yourself here.


As you can see, there are ways to make money online, and for sure, you can make a substantial amount of income if you do it right. It's not going to be done overnight, but the quicker you start and put in a consistent effort, the quicker you will see the result.

Check out some training about affiliate marketing, pick a niche, start learning about different strategies to bring traffic to your website.

With a bit of discipline, anyone can do it, people think it's only possible for people with skills in these subjects, but the reality is, you can do it. Believe me.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you found this article helpful; if you have any questions about it, please leave a comment below or feel free to reach out to me.

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Have a fabulous day.

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